Camp Information


What to expect at camp

Although each week of camp is different from each other because of the specific age groups, there are many similarities of each day.

Here is a typical day of camp:

  • Mornings will contain: Classes, Mission Time
  • Afternoons will contain:  Recreation, Games, Outdoor Activities, Free Time, Canteen (soda and candy available for purchase),
  • Evenings will contain:  Worship, Small Group Time, Games, Late Night Activities, Campfire

Official Times:

Arriving at Camp:   You can check in to camp between 3-5pm of the first day.  Registration/check-in is held in our Chapel/Dining room.  This is also where they will collect medication to give to the nurse.

Leaving Camp:  Camp Dismisses on the last day by 12pm.  Note:  We do not serve lunch on the last day.

Cost of Camp: 

Full Week of Camp (7th-8th & High School) =$125

1st-2nd Grade Camp = $30

3rd-4th Grade Camp = $100

5th-6th Grade Camp = $150

7th-8th Grade Camp = $150

9th-12th Grade Camp =$180

Camp Rules and Regulations

1. The Dean will have authority over all campers.

2. The use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or drugs is strictly prohibited.

3. All medications are to be given to the camp nurse.

4. Every camper must attend all of their classes unless excused for medical reasons by the Dean or the

camp nurse.

5. No camper is permitted to leave the campgrounds without permission of the Dean. Cars must remain

parked during camp, with the keys given to the Dean.

6. Sickness and injury must be reported to the nurse immediately.

7. Electronic devices such as audio/video players, games, radios, cell phones, magazines and books are

not permitted. Audio players will be in the Chapel for accompaniment purposes.

8. No vulgar or abusive language will be tolerated.

9. The Dean has the right to dismiss or exclude anyone for not obeying the camp rules.

10. Campers are discouraged from being part-time. During camp, activities at home should come second

(such as ballgames, cheerleading, band, etc.).

11. Modesty and decency shall prevail in all dress. Wording or images on clothing is to be consistent with

Christian ethics. If an article is questionable in your own mind, leave it at home. (No halter tops, no

bare midriffs, no strapless tops, no short shorts, no two-piece swimsuits, no swimsuits with plunging

necklines.) Faculty has the right to ask the camper to change clothes if they are not suitable.

12. All visitors need to check in and check out with the camp Dean and must leave before campfire.

Visiting Camp

You are welcome to visit camp; however, for the younger children, it is best to wait a day or two. All visitors are to check in with the camp dean immediately upon arrival. You will be asked not to interfere with the camper’s participation in the camp schedule. Visitors are asked to leave before campfire each evening. Please notify the dean in advance if you want a meal during your visit.

Physical Address:

15318 Grove Rd, Henley, MO 65040

Phone Number @ Camp: